Welcome to my website. Here you will find some of the best material that I have written for the Cyprus Weekly and also for other publications, plus information on my day job (environmental consultancy), my family and our roots, my interests and hobbies plus links to my favourite sites. Enjoy!

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This website is being developed  to provide an entertaining and useful i-experience for end users, featuring a directory of links and free useful content, as well as to give a presence on the web for the Psillakis family members.

This website is content driven. This means that you can use it as your 'one stop shop' for the internet. I have included today's news, several search engines, a joke of the hour,  stockmarket updates, and a number of links to useful and interesting sites.

These have recently been moved to a separate webpage, to improve download speeds on the start-up page. I hope that this does not inconvenience too many people.


Who I am


I am a newspaper columnist and environmental consultant working in Limassol, Cyprus, a part-time webmaster and aspiring writer .

The Psillakis name probably started in Crete or Symi, a small island of the Dodecanese, but nowadays the Psillakis family has members in Greece, Cyprus, Australia, Brazil and the U.S. A little further information is available on this site. Click here for an interesting insight.






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