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Psillakis Environmental Consultants

The webmaster's day job.

An interesting letter

A letter from renowned author and herbalist Nicos Psilakis, from Crete


All you ever wanted to know about the mother of all spirits.

My Favourite things

If anyone cares, here is a list of some of my (current) favourites- musically, artistically and gastronomically speaking

Free Downloads

Various, mostly unpublished articles covering football, alcohol and  my guidelines on Christmas etiquette, as well as a selection of wallpapers.


A do-it-yourself humour page

Photos  (coming soon)

Some photos of me, my friends and family.


An online collection of the best cocktail recipes.

The Cyprus Pages

A new site featuring info on Cyprus plus all the best links.

Munich, Feb 6th 1958

The Munich Air Crash claimed the lives of eight of the greatest young footballers.

Psillakis Related Sites

An interesting letter

A letter from renowned author and herbalist Nicos Psilakis, from Crete, explaining the origins of the Psillakis clan. The page features the original letter and an English translation.

Psillakis on

The ultimate search engine reveals over 1000 results for the Psillakis family.

The Psillakis Family Tree

Constructed by Jason Psillakis, this traces the Psillakis lineage to the mid 1800s up until about the 1970s, but is now out of date.


Fresh vegetables grown by the Brazilian Psillakis family using hydroponics (site is in Portuguese, click here for an auto-translated version)

Prof Jorge Psillakis Plastic Surgery Clinic

Jorge is one of the world's most respected plastic/ reconstructive surgeons (in Portuguese- click here for an English auto-translation.

Jason Psillakis' Website

Jason Psillakis' homepage, (includes the Psillakis family tree)

Columbia University School of Dental Surgery

Where Jason Psillakis is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Dentistry

Psillakis Estate Organic Olive Oil

Top quality organic, extra-virgin Olive Oil from Chania, Crete.

Karmanor Publications

Nikos Psilakis' Karmanor publications produce quality books on Cretan and Greek cooking, olive oil and herbs. Site under construction, but check out some sample recipes here.

The Black Olive

Paul Psyllakis' highly praised restaurant in British Columbia, Canada offers fine food in an elegant environment. 

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Symi and Cyprus

The Symi Visitor
The Greek Island of Symi

Nikitas and Lefteria Psillakis still visit this beautiful island every year. Here are some reasons why you should too.

CTO Guide to Cyprus

The gospel according to the Cyprus Tourism Organisation. But what does click and fly mean?


The ultimate directory on Cyprus. (opens a new window)


Superb portal and directory on all things to do with Cyprus.

Kanali 6

Limassol's local radio station, offering news and views from our hometown, and a real-time broadcast. Listen out for Glafkos Psillakis' stockmarket updates (just 12 noon, GMT +2)

The Cyprus Pages

A new site featuring info on Cyprus plus all the best links.


Art, Literature and Culture:

Greece and Cyprus

In some cases, you may need to alter your encoding preferences to view Greek text.

Vassilis Michaelides

The 9th of July

The national poet of Cyprus was born in now occupied Lefkoniko, but is most associated with Limassol.    His epic poem "The 9th of July 1821" is probably his most famous work.

The Limassol Carnival

A pictorial history of the Limassol carnival and information on the latest festivities. Also available in english.

Greek and Cretan Easter Customs

For Greeks, Easter is considered the Holiest of Holidays. Find out what the Psillakis family and other Greeks do at Eastertime.

Greek traditions and customs

A kind of bluffer's guide to the Greeks, explaining some of our weirder customs.

Costas Cavafys

CP Cavafy, as he is better known to English speakers may have been the greatest poet to ever write in Greek. His poetry is at times acerbic, wise, challenging, tortured and romantic.

Encyclopedia Mythica

An encyclopedia on (Greek and other) Mythology, Folklore and Legend


Charles Baudelaire

One of the most influential poets the world has seen, Baudelaire's tragic dark life is is reflected by every verse of his poetry. 

The 100 Greatest Poems Ever

According to

Bartleby- Great Books Online

Free online classics

Survival International

The worldwide organisation supporting tribal peoples.

Alternative Culture


Featuring the giant alternative culture directory (with links to sites relating to alternative medicine, environmentalism, goth culture, shamanism and yoga, amongst other things) and the Zenbazaar marketplace. 



The Gothic Gardener

Your garden- the place where herbalism and the occult bloom.


Molecule of the Month

Oxford University Chemistry Department looks at THC, Napalm, Prozac, Aspirin and more. Fascinating, even for non-chemists.

Environmental Sciences

Cyprus Conservation Foundation

Raising awareness through science and education, the CCF is a quietly influential  NGO based in Cyprus.



Mind expanding stuff from the vaults of Erowid.



Internet Access in China

When we last checked on this site, was accessible in China. Find out here which sites are blocked (including Google, Playboy and Amnesty International) and have a think about free speech whilst you're at it.

Google Zeitgeist

What's hot in internet searching. Similar to the Yahoo buzz index. Try this site also for more info and a rundown on search voyeurs and trackers, as well as trackers by MetaTiger, Altavista UK,   (may offend some) and some disturbing web requests (will probably offend everyone).


The Markbot may be Mark Connell slacking around on his PC. Or it may be his ultra sophisticated chatbot, a programme designed to communicate with humans realistically. Go through the Turing test and see if you can guess for yourself.



Eddy is a friend and part-time DJ who's in charge of the decks at one of my favourite clubs- The Auld Triangle Disco.

Check out the traffic sign story! Adults only!

Ayia Napa

Cyprus' hottest resort.


 The Centre for the Easily Amused is an excellent way to waste time on the net.

Japanese Engrish

Perhaps a little stereotyped, yes, but this website is hilarious.

Random Quotes pages

WC Fields, Groucho Marx, Mae West, Mark Twain and even Einstein offer their wit and wisdom.

Greek humour online

Some jokes are funny, some are gross. Most are in Greek.



Soccer news as it breaks.

Manchester United

The world's most popular soccer club.

Manchester United Links

Some of the best United links from around the world.

Duncan Edwards

He was the boy-giant who would one day become the world's greatest footballer, a full England international at 18 and the jewel in the crown of a Championship winning team. Then came Munich.

Steve Prefontaine

Another tragic sporting hero, 'Pre' was the coolest track star, a record-breaking legend at 24.  

Jesse Owens

Owens embarrassed Adolf Hitler when he didn't follow the script at the Munich Olympics of 1936, where the  grandson of a slave won four gold medals.

George Best

The greatest talent ever to emerge from the British Isles, 'Bestie' had style, skill, strength and lethal finishing skills on the pitch. Off the field he possessed charm and wit in spades as his string of glamorous girlfriends will attest.

Johan Cruyff

Pele may be more famous, di Stefano may arguably have been a better all round player, but Cruyff (or Cruijff, as the official Dutch-language site spells it), was the thinking man's footballer. A genius, on and off the field.