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Original work:

A guide to Christmas etiquette- an original article by the webmaster (PDF)-  now a classic

Rude Food- A hilarious collection of foods with unfortunate names (PDF)

Pitch invaders- Those who have made disrupting ball games an art (PDF)

Sports Funnies- The funniest quotes in football and other sports (PDF)


Our archive:

The top 16 phone answering machine messages

Larry Miller's five stages of drinking

41 weird questions to make you think

Why did the chicken cross the road?

America's funniest bumper stickers

Mangled English signs found abroad

Monty Python's cheese shop sketch

Monty Python's dead parrot sketch

Monty Python's Philosophers song

Monty Python's bookshop sketch

Dave Barry's college admissions

The beer troubleshooting guide

The 'anals' of human history

College application essay

Actual label instructions

Modern-day office lingo

Some actual wanted ads

Are you a professional?

50 ways to order pizza

Disorder in the Court

Really stupid quotes

Latin for beginners

Interesting facts

Ships in the night

Elephant hunting

Unreliable facts

Microsoft Haiku

Hu's on first

The s*** list


Our favourite links:

Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary- The legendary gospel of hyper-cynicism.

David Sedaris Web Archive- Free to read extracts from one of America's funniest writers.

Michael Moore's articles page- Often funny, sometimes poignant, but always worth reading.

Dave Barry's Miami Herald Column

Auto-Dave- The Automatic Dave Barry column, by Bennett Haselton

Japanese Engrish- A little stereotyped, but often hilarious

The adventures of Weebl and Bob



As far as I am aware, all of the extracts in our Humor! Humour! archives are available on the public domain.

Where known, the original writer has been cited.

Update: Lucas Psillakis, May 2004


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