Psillakis Environmental Consultants is a Limassol, Cyprus- based environmental consultancy which aims to provide the technical know-how and innovative ideas required to get to grips with all the complexities of European environmental legislation. As Cyprus' compliance to the Acquis Communautaire, the wealth of legislative pieces that comprise integrated European law, becomes ever important, we believe that the need for specialised environmental consultancy has never been greater.

Psillakis Environmental Consultants specialises in key issues such as waste and wastewater management, environmental impact assessment, environmental auditing and management systems, such as ISO 14001 and the European EMAS standard, Life Cycle Assessment and Eco-labelling and Corporate Environmental Management.

We maintain good contacts with associates both in Cyprus and abroad, who specialise in environmental and engineering consultancy issues, public policy, environmental lobbying, awareness raising and education, law and land evaluation.

We use modern scientific methods, developed by academics and professionals. We are a modern consultancy. We do the job right.

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