Tourist activity, especially in our Cyprus, has contributed greatly to the deterioration of our
natural environment and to a tremendous increase in waste production and resource use.
Throughout the world, tourism is recognised as an activity which often leaves an indelible
footprint on the destination. But this need not be the case. Responsible tourism can be
sustainable. Tourism can reap benefits without causing irreparable harm to the environment.
And your business can lead the way, offering quality products without compromising the
integrity of your prime attraction- the natural environment and reaping financial rewards
without causing irreversible harm. Green Globe 21, the new worldwide environmental
standard for the tourism industry can show you how.


Participating in the GREEN GLOBE 21 program can provide a number of benefits to your
business, your clients, and beyond:

Benefits to you

Benefits to your clientele

Benefits to the Community

Lucas Psillakis is one of very few Cyprus-based consultants who has been trained to offer
services to applicants to the new Green Globe 21 standard. For further information download our leaflet or visit Green Globe 21

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