Now that Cyprus is a full member of the EU, the Cypriot Government and the industrial sector must strive towards compliance with the European Acquis Communautaire, the wealth of legislation that comprises the body of European law.

There are several hundreds of European laws, Directives and Regulations that form European Environmental legislation, Chapter 22 in the Cyprus- EU accession negotiations. Amongst the most important is the Directive on Environmental Impact Assessment (85/337/EEC), but there are many more Directives (particularly those relating to wastes and water management) that will affect Cypriot industry.

In addition, EU Regulations on Eco-labelling and Environmental Management Systems are not yet compulsory, but are likely to become so. What is more, companies taking a pro-active stance by adopting these measures are frequently regarded favourably by consumers and associates alike.

EU accession will mean that environmental awareness and management within your company or organisation will need to become a priority. The 'greener', the better.

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