For too long, since the invasion and occupation of 1974, Cyprus has undergone a remarkable, but  unplanned and unfettered, rebirth and growth. This growth has resulted in a multitude of environmental problems, aggravated by the tourism industry- including development and construction of holiday accommodation along the Cyprus coast, and by over-consumption by the Cypriot public- which has resulted in a huge increase in waste production, and has left the nation facing some great challenges as it accedes into the European Union. Cyprus is an island, which makes waste management problematic. It is arid, meaning that water management often needs to be enforced by law. It is also a hugely popular tourist destination, and this increases the pressures of waste and water management.

The environmental movement in Cyprus is still at an embryonic stage, despite over a decade of hard work by some Government officials, a handful of NGOs, and a number of committed individuals. But Cypriot industries need to take a proactive stance to environmental management now. The EU demands it. And Psillakis Environmental Consultants has the know-how to help them.

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