Giant lemons of Cyprus (and a little more on ear hair)


I have always been amazed by the lemons in my godmother’s backyard. They have always seemed like veritable giants, being as big as a grapefruit and full of juice. But I realised last week that they are dwarves compared to the humongous lemons of Psevdas. These lemons measure up to twenty centimetres in diameter and can weigh as much as two-and-a-half kilos. They are the titans of the lemon world. Perhaps with a little selective breeding the people of Psevdas can produce a lemon to rival the five-kilo behemoth produced three years ago in Israel.


I looked that last bit up on the Guiness Book of Records website, where I also read that the record for the most people crammed in a mini is eighteen and that one Dr. Scholls employee has sniffed “approximately 5600 feet and an indeterminate number of armpits” (whatever turns you on, I suppose).


And, to follow up from one of my pieces last week, I discovered that one of the world’s most unpleasant records is held by Mr Radhakant Bajpai whose ear hair grows to an impressive thirteen centimetres (more than five inches). A beaming Mr Bajpai has said that “making it to Guinness World Records is indeed a special occasion for me and my family. God has been very kind to me”’ 


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