Streets of shame


For those who donít know, here is how they name streets in Limassol (Iím not sure how they do it elsewhere in Cyprus): The local authorities find a famous dead person or a well known place or event. If the name isnít Greek, then they find its Greek equivalent or they translate it into Greek. That gives them the top half of the street sign. So far, so good. Next, in a misguided attempt to follow policy believed to be handed down from various high and mighty cultural experts, they translate this Greek name back into English, but phonetically, giving us the lower part of the sign. Then everyone else tries to work out exactly what the English part is supposed to mean.


A drive around my town can unearth great comic delights. Here are some favourite street names, found by driving around Limassol (or Lemesos as it is now known) and its environs, plus a handful at the end to test you with:



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