Fun for everyone


So Christmas is coming. The air is chilly and crisp and winter is here.  Little children are looking forward to opening the presents under the tree and their parents are looking forward to getting their paycheck to cover the costs of the presents under the tree.


Restauteurs and hoteliers are rubbing their hands with glee, now that people will be willing to pay double for their food and drink. Gift shops are looking forward to brisk business (but can we please get them to change that CD?). 


Meanwhile young people are huddling inside cafes drinking coffee and talking on their mobile phones. Everyone loves Christmas.


Not true, actually. Turkeys hate Christmas. Right now, turkeys the world over are cursing Christopher Columbus for discovering the New World (meanwhile geese have built a shrine to him- that is where they fly to for the winter).


So people are preparing for the Christmas feast. Many people in Cyprus fast in advance to Christmas, eating nothing but beans and lentils (the requirement for suitable foods is that they must give you gas). Then Christmas comes and people gorge on rich foods for several days and drink like thereís no tomorrow. Then they end up in hospital with digestive disorders and alcohol poisoning. Isnít Christmastime fun?


But Christmas should be fun. To me, Christmas is a time to be with your friends and family, talking and laughing together, eating and sipping your wine huddled inside and sitting by the fire. Itís a time for walking in the chilly streets of the old town, buying hot chestnuts from the street vendors and sharing these with your friends. And itís a time for calling up your friends or family overseas to wish them a merry Christmas or a happy new year, to send happy thoughts and warm wishes of love and peace.


Christmas isnít about shopping, and itís not about the presents. Itís not even about the kourabiedes, those delicious crumbly cookies stuffed with nuts or dates and dusted with icing sugar or the melomakarona, the syrupy sweet brown cookies rolled in nuts. Although I must say that these can be very nice.


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