Evil bunny!
"The Easter Bunny is a sadistic and unscrupulous offender who preys on people's sweet toothĒ. This is what Mr. Karl-Friedrich Lentze said after he sued the Easter Bunny for causing him grievous bodily harm. According to Ananova.com, Mr. Lentze, who I imagine also gets annoyed by the low-flying reindeer fouling up his front lawn at Christmas-time, noted that the police must ďfind this evil bunny, handcuff his paws and remove him from shops in time for Easter."
Mr. Lentze maintained that the bunny encourages chocolate-addiction, which leads to obesity and heart attacks.  The public prosecutor apparently noted "We will act upon the complaint with speed and diligence", although I am hoping he was joking.
The idea of an Easter Bunny bringing eggs (or laying them in the ground for children to find) is somewhat strange though. Where does the rabbit get the eggs? How does it know where the children live? What does it do the rest of the year?
Itís not something we had as a tradition here in Cyprus, but itís becoming a more and more popular concept. It apparently originates in Germany.
In Australia, where rabbits are invasive species and more likely to be shot at than cuddled by little kids, some people have pushed to popularize the Easter bilby, a rabbit-sized marsupial with a long snout.
In France, apparently the eggs are brought in by a giant bell which flies in from Rome. Iím not sure how the bell manages to fly or how it finds its way. Iím also waiting for the day when somebody sues it for reckless flying.



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