A day for everyone


Most readers will surely know that the 25th of this month is a national holiday in both Greece and Cyprus, marking, as it does, the 185th anniversary of the beginning of the Greek revolution. Sadly, both the 25th of March and the 1st of April fall on a Saturday this year, which means we all miss out on a couple of holidays. Next year they will be on a Sunday.


Many readers will also know that the 8th of March is recognized as International Women’s Day and a few will be aware that the 17th of March is St Patrick’s Day, a day marked by parades in Ireland and America. American readers may also know of observances such as Peace Corps Day, Johnny Appleseed Day (celebrating the life of a US folk hero) and Girl Scout Day (celebrating 90 years of selling cookies).


But did you know that March the 6th is celebrated in the US as National Frozen Food Day? The day was officially supported by then-president Ronald Reagan, who called upon Americans “to observe such day with appropriate ceremonies and activities”. But the National Frozen and Refrigerated Foods Association (whose name suggests that its members include frozen peas and microwavable pizzas rather than the companies that make these products) has gone one better by declaring the whole of March ‘National Frozen Food Month’. The website warns us to get ready for “exciting events”.


Other notable days observed in the US this month include foodies’ favourites ‘Potato Chip Day’, ‘Chocolate-covered Raisins Day’, ‘Waffle Day’ and ‘Pecan Nut Day’. Anyone traumatised at childhood will be interested to know that March the 18th is ‘Forgive Mom and Dad Day’. Memory loss sufferers who miss out on ‘Memory Day’ (March 21st) may want to console themselves and try and cheer up on ‘As Young As You Feel Day’ a day later if they can remember it.  


And later this month, clowns around the world will convene for the World Clown Association’s convention in Nevada to celebrate ‘World Clown Week’ (between the 19th and 24th of March). National Clown Week was proclaimed by another ex-President, Richard Nixon. I do not know how they forced him to do it (maybe they used their squeeker horns and their rubber chickens). Anyway, the convention will feature classes in ‘Basic Face-painting’ and ‘Clown Promotion’. I can just imagine them getting ready, packing, checklist in hand (red nose: check; freaky wig: check; giant lollipop shoes: check). Then they will squeeze into their little Minis and Beetles by the dozen, faces painted and plastic squirting flowers on their lapels, and drive down America’s highways while passing bikers and truckers swerve around them.


March is also ‘International Listening Awareness Month’, ‘International Mirth Month’ and, in the US, ‘National Umbrella Month’. March 3rd was ‘What if Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs Day?’, which celebrates the fact that your pet can’t shoot you in the face when you tread on its tail. March the 20th is ‘Act Happy Day’; the 9th of March was ‘Panic Day’.


With American calendars littered with such observances, some serious, some trivial and many ridiculous (National Sauce Month, anyone?) you might say that there is a day for everything and everyone. You could say that every dog has his day, and it would be true. But that’s not until August 26th


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