A striking success?


By the time you read this, up to 500 of our state physicians may be travelling on an all expenses paid cruise. The head of the doctors union threatened that the doctors would strike if their demands were not met, and noted that they would be going out to sea so that the government cannot force them to go back to work. God help anyone who has an emergency then.


Strikes have become a fad. We’ve seen airport workers striking, teachers striking and farmers striking repeatedly.


Now Cyprus’ potato growers are asking for £20 million or they will stage a “dynamic demonstration”. EU accession has hurt them, because the EU’s revamped agricultural policy doesn’t permit subsidies. And despite steady exports, the liberalisation that came as a result of Cyprus’ EU accession has meant a drop in export prices. There is more competition nowadays.


Interestingly, according to a CYSTAT press release, the price Cypriot consumers pay for potatoes has risen by 20 % in the past year. Medications on the other hand have become cheaper (although a large number of products are no longer sold in Cyprus).


With huge amounts of water being diverted to farming, and provided to farmers at reduced rates, and with so many tonnes of grapes, tomatoes and other produce often ending up thrown away by disgruntled farmers, perhaps it is time for our Government to rethink its farming policy as a whole.


Or maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I too should go on strike. Maybe we should all threaten dynamic action if our demands for matching uniforms, laminated business cards, company BMWs and clip on ties are not met. Maybe lawyers should campaign for easier dressing conditions (short sleeved shirts, shorts and flip-flops in the summer, and no ties on Fridays). Dentists could campaign for cleaner oral conditions by refusing to treat you unless you brush your teeth first and ask the government to provide them with free brushes. Delivery boys could campaign for better tipping conditions, barmen at clubs could campaign for better music in their place of work or ask for government subsidies so they can buy earplugs and paracetamol. The possibilities are endless.


Or perhaps it’s about time all of us as consumers go on strike, demanding two-for-one sales once a week, free cosmetic samples and half price tickets and refusing to pay the full price for products that we’re not happy with.


So get your picket out and strike. Strike a blow for the working masses. Disgruntled is the new black. 


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